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 *  Copyright (C) 2002-2004  The DOSBox Team
 *  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 *  (at your option) any later version.
 *  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *  GNU General Public License for more details.
 *  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 *  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.

#ifndef VGA_H_
#define VGA_H_

#include <mem.h>
#include "dosbox.h"

enum VGAModes {

#define CLK_25 25175
#define CLK_28 28322

#define MIN_VCO   180000
#define MAX_VCO 360000

#define S3_CLOCK_REF    14318 /* KHz */
#define S3_CLOCK(_M,_N,_R)    ((S3_CLOCK_REF * ((_M) + 2)) / (((_N) + 2) * (1 << (_R))))
#define S3_MAX_CLOCK    150000      /* KHz */

typedef struct {
      bool attrindex;
} VGA_Internal;

typedef struct {
/* Memory handlers */
      Bitu mh_mask;

/* Video drawing */
      Bitu display_start;
      Bitu real_start;
      bool retrace;                             /* A retrace is active */
      Bitu scan_len;
      Bitu cursor_start;

/* Some other screen related variables */
      Bitu line_compare;
      bool chained;                             /* Enable or Disabled Chain 4 Mode */

      /* Pixel Scrolling */
      Bit8u pel_panning;                        /* Amount of pixels to skip when starting horizontal line */
      Bit8u hlines_skip;
      Bit8u bytes_skip;

/* Specific stuff memory write/read handling */
      Bit8u read_mode;
      Bit8u write_mode;
      Bit8u read_map_select;
      Bit8u color_dont_care;
      Bit8u color_compare;
      Bit8u data_rotate;
      Bit8u raster_op;

      Bit32u full_bit_mask;
      Bit32u full_map_mask;
      Bit32u full_not_map_mask;
      Bit32u full_set_reset;
      Bit32u full_not_enable_set_reset;
      Bit32u full_enable_set_reset;
      Bit32u full_enable_and_set_reset;

} VGA_Config;

typedef struct {
      bool resizing;
      Bitu width;
      Bitu height;
      Bitu blocks;
      Bitu panning;
      Bitu address;
      Bitu address_add;
      Bitu address_line_total;
      Bitu address_line;
      Bitu lines_total;
      Bitu lines_done;
      Bitu lines_scaled;
      Bitu split_line;
      Bitu parts_total;
      Bitu parts_lines;
      Bitu parts_left;
      struct {
            float vtotal;
            float vstart;
            float vend;
            float htotal;
            float hstart;
            float hend;
            float parts;
      } delay;
      bool double_scan;
      bool doublewidth,doubleheight;
      Bit8u font[64*1024];
      Bit8u * font_tables[2];
      Bitu blinking;
      struct {
            Bitu address;
            Bit8u sline,eline;
            Bit8u count,delay;
            Bit8u enabled;
      } cursor;
} VGA_Draw;

typedef struct {
      Bit8u curmode;
      Bit16u originx, originy;
      Bit8u fstackpos, bstackpos;
      Bit8u forestack[3];
      Bit8u backstack[3];
      Bit16u startaddr;
      Bit8u posx, posy;
      Bit8u mc[64][64];

typedef struct {
      Bit8u bank;
      Bit8u reg_lock1;
      Bit8u reg_lock2;
      Bit8u reg_31;
      Bit8u reg_35;
      Bit8u reg_40; // 8415/A functionality register
      Bit8u reg_43;
      Bit8u reg_45; // Hardware graphics cursor
      Bit8u reg_58;
      Bit8u reg_51;
      Bit8u reg_55;
      Bit8u ex_hor_overflow;
      Bit8u ex_ver_overflow;
      Bit16u la_window;
      Bit8u misc_control_2;
      Bit8u ext_mem_ctrl;
      struct {
            Bit8u r;
            Bit8u n;
            Bit8u m;
      } clk[4],mclk;
      struct {
            Bit8u lock;
            Bit8u cmd;
      } pll;
      VGA_HWCURSOR hgc;
} VGA_S3;

typedef struct {
      Bit8u mode_control;
      Bit8u enable_bits;

typedef struct {
      Bit8u index;
      Bit8u htotal;
      Bit8u hdend;
      Bit8u hsyncp;
      Bit8u hsyncw;
      Bit8u vtotal;
      Bit8u vdend;
      Bit8u vadjust;
      Bit8u vsyncp;
      Bit8u vsyncw;
      Bit8u max_scanline;

typedef struct {
      Bit8u mode_control;
      Bit8u color_select;
      Bit8u mem_bank;
      Bit8u disp_bank;
      Bit8u reg_index;
      Bit8u gfx_control;
      Bit8u palette_mask;
      Bit8u border_color;

typedef struct {
      Bit8u index;

      Bit8u reset;
      Bit8u clocking_mode;
      Bit8u map_mask;
      Bit8u character_map_select;
      Bit8u memory_mode;
} VGA_Seq;

typedef struct {
      Bit8u palette[16];
      Bit8u mode_control;
      Bit8u horizontal_pel_panning;
      Bit8u overscan_color;
      Bit8u color_plane_enable;
      Bit8u color_select;
      Bit8u index;
      Bit8u enabled;
} VGA_Attr;

typedef struct {
      Bit8u horizontal_total;
      Bit8u horizontal_display_end;
      Bit8u start_horizontal_blanking;
      Bit8u end_horizontal_blanking;
      Bit8u start_horizontal_retrace;
      Bit8u end_horizontal_retrace;
      Bit8u vertical_total;
      Bit8u overflow;
      Bit8u preset_row_scan;
      Bit8u maximum_scan_line;
      Bit8u cursor_start;
      Bit8u cursor_end;
      Bit8u start_address_high;
      Bit8u start_address_low;
      Bit8u cursor_location_high;
      Bit8u cursor_location_low;
      Bit8u vertical_retrace_start;
      Bit8u vertical_retrace_end;
      Bit8u vertical_display_end;
      Bit8u offset;
      Bit8u underline_location;
      Bit8u start_vertical_blanking;
      Bit8u end_vertical_blanking;
      Bit8u mode_control;
      Bit8u line_compare;

      Bit8u index;
      bool read_only;
} VGA_Crtc;

typedef struct {
      Bit8u index;
      Bit8u set_reset;
      Bit8u enable_set_reset;
      Bit8u color_compare;
      Bit8u data_rotate;
      Bit8u read_map_select;
      Bit8u mode;
      Bit8u miscellaneous;
      Bit8u color_dont_care;
      Bit8u bit_mask;
} VGA_Gfx;

struct RGBEntry {
      Bit8u red;
      Bit8u green;
      Bit8u blue;

typedef struct {
      Bit8u bits;                               /* DAC bits, usually 6 or 8 */
      Bit8u pel_mask;
      Bit8u pel_index;  
      Bit8u state;
      Bit8u write_index;
      Bit8u read_index;
      Bitu first_changed;
      RGBEntry rgb[0x100];
} VGA_Dac;

union VGA_Latch {
      Bit32u d;
      Bit8u b[4];

union VGA_Memory {
      Bit8u linear[512*1024*4];
      Bit8u paged[512*1024][4];
      VGA_Latch latched[512*1024];

typedef struct {
      VGAModes mode;                                              /* The mode the vga system is in */
      Bit8u misc_output;
      VGA_Draw draw;
      VGA_Config config;
      VGA_Internal internal;
/* Internal module groups */
      VGA_Seq seq;
      VGA_Attr attr;
      VGA_Crtc crtc;
      VGA_Gfx gfx;
      VGA_Dac dac;
      VGA_Latch latch;
      VGA_S3 s3;
      VGA_HERC herc;
      VGA_TANDY tandy;
      VGA_OTHER other;
      VGA_Memory mem;
} VGA_Type;

/* Functions for different resolutions */
void VGA_SetMode(VGAModes mode);
void VGA_DetermineMode(void);
void VGA_SetupHandlers(void);
void VGA_StartResize(void);
void VGA_SetupDrawing(Bitu val);
void VGA_CheckScanLength(void);

/* Some DAC/Attribute functions */
void VGA_DAC_CombineColor(Bit8u attr,Bit8u pal);
void VGA_DAC_SetEntry(Bitu entry,Bit8u red,Bit8u green,Bit8u blue);
void VGA_ATTR_SetPalette(Bit8u index,Bit8u val);

/* The VGA Subfunction startups */
void VGA_SetupAttr(void);
void VGA_SetupMemory(void);
void VGA_SetupDAC(void);
void VGA_SetupCRTC(void);
void VGA_SetupMisc(void);
void VGA_SetupGFX(void);
void VGA_SetupSEQ(void);
void VGA_SetupOther(void);
void VGA_SetupXGA(void);

/* Some Support Functions */
void VGA_SetClock(Bitu which,Bitu target);
void VGA_DACSetEntirePalette(void);
void VGA_StartRetrace(void);
void VGA_StartUpdateLFB(void);
void VGA_SetBlinking(Bitu enabled);
void VGA_SetCGA2Table(Bit8u val0,Bit8u val1);
void VGA_SetCGA4Table(Bit8u val0,Bit8u val1,Bit8u val2,Bit8u val3);

extern VGA_Type vga;

extern Bit32u ExpandTable[256];
extern Bit32u FillTable[16];
extern Bit32u CGA_2_Table[16];
extern Bit32u CGA_4_Table[256];
extern Bit32u CGA_16_Table[256];
extern Bit32u TXT_Font_Table[16];
extern Bit32u TXT_FG_Table[16];
extern Bit32u TXT_BG_Table[16];
extern Bit32u Expand16Table[4][16];
extern Bit32u Expand16BigTable[0x10000];


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