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 *  Copyright (C) 2002-2004  The DOSBox Team
 *  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 *  (at your option) any later version.
 *  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *  GNU General Public License for more details.
 *  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 *  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.

#include "dosbox.h"
#include "inout.h"
#include "vga.h"

#define gfx(blah) vga.gfx.blah
static bool index9warned=false;

static void write_p3ce(Bitu port,Bitu val,Bitu iolen) {
      gfx(index)=val & 0x0f;

static Bitu read_p3ce(Bitu port,Bitu iolen) {
      return gfx(index);

static void write_p3cf(Bitu port,Bitu val,Bitu iolen) {
      switch (gfx(index)) {
      case 0:     /* Set/Reset Register */
            gfx(set_reset)=val & 0x0f;
            vga.config.full_set_reset=FillTable[val & 0x0f];
            vga.config.full_enable_and_set_reset=vga.config.full_set_reset &
                  0     If in Write Mode 0 and bit 0 of 3CEh index 1 is set a write to
                        display memory will set all the bits in plane 0 of the byte to this
                        bit, if the corresponding bit is set in the Map Mask Register (3CEh
                        index 8).
                  1     Same for plane 1 and bit 1 of 3CEh index 1.
                  2     Same for plane 2 and bit 2 of 3CEh index 1.
                  3     Same for plane 3 and bit 3 of 3CEh index 1.
//          LOG_DEBUG("Set Reset = %2X",val);
      case 1: /* Enable Set/Reset Register */
            gfx(enable_set_reset)=val & 0x0f;
            vga.config.full_enable_set_reset=FillTable[val & 0x0f];
            vga.config.full_enable_and_set_reset=vga.config.full_set_reset &
//          if (gfx(enable_set_reset)) vga.config.mh_mask|=MH_SETRESET else vga.config.mh_mask&=~MH_SETRESET;
      case 2: /* Color Compare Register */
            gfx(color_compare)=val & 0x0f;
                  0-3   In Read Mode 1 each pixel at the address of the byte read is compared
                        to this color and the corresponding bit in the output set to 1 if
                        they match, 0 if not. The Color Don't Care Register (3CEh index 7)
                        can exclude bitplanes from the comparison.
            vga.config.color_compare=val & 0xf;
//          LOG_DEBUG("Color Compare = %2X",val);
      case 3: /* Data Rotate */
            vga.config.data_rotate=val & 7;
//          if (val) vga.config.mh_mask|=MH_ROTATEOP else vga.config.mh_mask&=~MH_ROTATEOP;
            vga.config.raster_op=(val>>3) & 3;
                  0-2   Number of positions to rotate data right before it is written to
                        display memory. Only active in Write Mode 0.
                  3-4   In Write Mode 2 this field controls the relation between the data
                        written from the CPU, the data latched from the previous read and the
                        data written to display memory:
                        0: CPU Data is written unmodified
                        1: CPU data is ANDed with the latched data
                        2: CPU data is ORed  with the latch data.
                        3: CPU data is XORed with the latched data.
      case 4: /* Read Map Select Register */
            /*    0-1   number of the plane Read Mode 0 will read from */
            gfx(read_map_select)=val & 0x03;
            vga.config.read_map_select=val & 0x03;
//          LOG_DEBUG("Read Map %2X",val);
      case 5: /* Mode Register */
            if ((gfx(mode) ^ val) & 0xf0) {
            } else gfx(mode)=val;
            vga.config.write_mode=val & 3;
            vga.config.read_mode=(val >> 3) & 1;
//          LOG_DEBUG("Write Mode %d Read Mode %d val %d",vga.config.write_mode,vga.config.read_mode,val);
                  0-1   Write Mode: Controls how data from the CPU is transformed before
                        being written to display memory:
                        0:    Mode 0 works as a Read-Modify-Write operation.
                              First a read access loads the data latches of the VGA with the
                              value in video memory at the addressed location. Then a write
                              access will provide the destination address and the CPU data
                              byte. The data written is modified by the function code in the
                              Data Rotate register (3CEh index 3) as a function of the CPU
                              data and the latches, then data is rotated as specified by the
                              same register.
                        1:    Mode 1 is used for video to video transfers.
                              A read access will load the data latches with the contents of
                              the addressed byte of video memory. A write access will write
                              the contents of the latches to the addressed byte. Thus a single
                              MOVSB instruction can copy all pixels in the source address byte
                              to the destination address.
                        2:    Mode 2 writes a color to all pixels in the addressed byte of
                              video memory. Bit 0 of the CPU data is written to plane 0 et
                              cetera. Individual bits can be enabled or disabled through the
                              Bit Mask register (3CEh index 8).
                        3:    Mode 3 can be used to fill an area with a color and pattern. The
                              CPU data is rotated according to 3CEh index 3 bits 0-2 and anded
                              with the Bit Mask Register (3CEh index 8). For each bit in the
                              result the corresponding pixel is set to the color in the
                              Set/Reset Register (3CEh index 0 bits 0-3) if the bit is set and
                              to the contents of the processor latch if the bit is clear.
                  3     Read Mode
                        0:    Data is read from one of 4 bit planes depending on the Read Map
                              Select Register (3CEh index 4).
                        1:    Data returned is a comparison between the 8 pixels occupying the
                              read byte and the color in the Color Compare Register (3CEh
                              index 2). A bit is set if the color of the corresponding pixel
                              matches the register.
                  4     Enables Odd/Even mode if set (See 3C4h index 4 bit 2).
                  5     Enables CGA style 4 color pixels using even/odd bit pairs if set.
                  6     Enables 256 color mode if set.      
      case 6: /* Miscellaneous Register */
                  0     Indicates Graphics Mode if set, Alphanumeric mode else.
                  1     Enables Odd/Even mode if set.
                  2-3   Memory Mapping:
                        0: use A000h-BFFFh
                        1: use A000h-AFFFh   VGA Graphics modes
                        2: use B000h-B7FFh   Monochrome modes
                        3: use B800h-BFFFh   CGA modes
      case 7: /* Color Don't Care Register */
            gfx(color_dont_care)=val & 0x0f;
                  0     Ignore bit plane 0 in Read mode 1 if clear.
                  1     Ignore bit plane 1 in Read mode 1 if clear.
                  2     Ignore bit plane 2 in Read mode 1 if clear.
                  3     Ignore bit plane 3 in Read mode 1 if clear.
            vga.config.color_dont_care=val & 0xf;
//          LOG_DEBUG("Color don't care = %2X",val);
      case 8: /* Bit Mask Register */
//          LOG_DEBUG("Bit mask %2X",val);
                  0-7   Each bit if set enables writing to the corresponding bit of a byte in
                        display memory.
      case 9:     /* Unknown */
            /* Crystal Dreams seems to like to write tothis register very weird */
            if (!index9warned) {
                  LOG(LOG_VGAMISC,LOG_NORMAL)("VGA:3CF:Write %2X to illegal index 9",val);
            LOG(LOG_VGAMISC,LOG_NORMAL)("VGA:3CF:Write %2X to illegal index %2X",val,gfx(index));

static Bitu read_p3cf(Bitu port,Bitu iolen) {
      switch (gfx(index)) {
      case 0:     /* Set/Reset Register */
            return gfx(set_reset);
      case 1: /* Enable Set/Reset Register */
            return gfx(enable_set_reset);
      case 2: /* Color Compare Register */
            return gfx(color_compare);
      case 3: /* Data Rotate */
            return gfx(data_rotate);
      case 4: /* Read Map Select Register */
            return gfx(read_map_select);
      case 5: /* Mode Register */
            return gfx(mode);
      case 6: /* Miscellaneous Register */
            return gfx(miscellaneous);
      case 7: /* Color Don't Care Register */
            return gfx(color_dont_care);
      case 8: /* Bit Mask Register */
            return gfx(bit_mask);
            LOG(LOG_VGAMISC,LOG_NORMAL)("Reading from illegal index %2X in port %4X",static_cast<Bit32u>(gfx(index)),port);
      return 0;   /* Compiler happy */

void VGA_SetupGFX(void) {
      if (machine==MCH_VGA) {

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